New Blood, New Beginnings

A walk in the Park!

Session 1

Game date: Saturday, May 15th.

The Hellion and Sir Grimm were both in the Orloff building when an alert came in. A bomb had been placed in Eastside park with a 10 minute timer. The two of them took the base teleporter to the park to investigate the bomb.

Once there they investigated the bomb. Sir Grimm, wanting to minimize damage, picked it up and started to walk to the lake. Little did he know that the bomb had a mercury switch as well. Once he took a couple of steps it went off. But it only released a foul smelling gas that made some people temporarily sick.

Or it was a possible distraction as once the bomb went off the two were attacked by Herculan and Lodestone. Blows were quickly exchanged with both Lodestone and Herculan falling. But the unconscious villains vanished before they could be collected.

The bomb was turned over to the police to determine what the bomb was created for. The police will give a copy of the report to Aegis when complete. Chrysalis left a message that she will stop by on Monday to debrief the team and do a play by play of the fight if anyone happened to capture any video of it.


The encounter in the park left us with a lot of questions and precious few answers. Some that came up include:
  • What was the purpose of the bomb?
  • Who put it there, and why?
  • Who teleported the bad guys just moments after their defeat? Does this mean some outside agency was observing the battle? Are we being sized up for something sinister?
  • Were Lodestone and Herculan merely hired muscle? What were their last known dealings prior to this incident?
  • Can we determine anything about the manufacture of the bomb, including unusual or unique manufactures and/or design?
A walk in the Park!

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