New Blood, New Beginnings

Blood in the basement

May 24, 2010

Ghost noticed that a number of spirits began to gather in the server room of the Orloff building. At the same time The Hellion and Mainframe were having an interesting debate about humor. The Hellion also told Mainframe to not let Gerkowski, Dan anywhere near the AI. Mainframe, having a problem in the server room asked the Hellion to check it out. There the Hellion found Ghost. Ghost cast a spell that allowed the Hellion to see all the spirits in the room.

The Hellion, calling Ghost a necromancer attacked. But the attack appeared to do no damage. But Ghost was able to talk to the Hellion and explain the situation. Ghost then tried to possess one of the spirits but this did not work. Instead he got a flash of memories from the spirit. This lead to the clue that a Crowleian cult was involved as the memory had chanting in a corrupted version of Atlantean.

Blink arrived about then and created a got on the spot where the spirits were concentrating. This lead the team to a sub-basement that was magically warded and sealed. There a book was found with more of the ancient language. They also found an altar that they determined is an arcane battery. Figuring out the timeline it was determined that the team’s arrival a few months ago had some type of effect on the batter and the spirit.

They also determined that the altar is right under the courtyard fountain and that the fountain may have been designed as a magical beacon. The finial on the fountain was also the anchor that was keeping Ghost within the Orloff estate. When it was pulled off the fountain it flew to Ghost and entered his body.

So the team needs to figure out how the arcane batter became full and what it was designed for.



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