New Blood, New Beginnings

Rumble at the construction site

This is late but I have back dated it so it is on the right date.

We had a great session again today. Blake, Blink and The Hellion went to The Hellion’s apartment to check on Dan, his younger brother. Blake and Dan hit it off right away as Blake views Dan’s technology skills as techno magic. They agreed to teach each other some ‘magic’ skills. Plus Blake thinks Dan should meet the base AI. The Hellion disagrees.

The team was told of a threat to destroy a new building. Battle ensued between the Aegis team, Holocaust, Stormfront and Zephyr. Blows were exchanged that were hitting hard between both sides. As usual the team came up with some very creative use of their powers. Blake got the team to turn on each other by possessing one and then attacking another. Blink kept dropping stuff on them and tried dropping Holocaust from about 9 stories up. But he could fly unfortunately.

A reserve member of Aegis showed up to help out by the name of Void. She is half genie and a major brick. As the tide was turning for the heroes the villains teleported out like at the end of the A walk in the Park! adventure.

One small twist though. Blake was possesing Zephyr’s body at the time so he was teleproted as well.



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