Kahurangi (Kai) Saunders is the director of the San Angelo branch of the Center for Paranormal Research. She is also the hero known as Chrysalis.

Chrysalis is the daughter of Temuera “Doc” Arahanga and Christine “Icicle” Sunders. The two meet, out of costume, while on the floating island Sanctuary. Christine became pregnant and Kai was born. Tim did not know he had a daughter until an accident brought the Nova Force team from 2025 back to the year 2000. Even then he did not meet the current timeline Kai until 2009 when the younger Kai sought her father out.

The future Kai returned to 2020 along with her team mates, but ended up coming back in time again in 2005. At this point in time she has not divulged why she is back to anyone except her father. The younger Kai believes her older self to be an aunt that she is named after and has similar power. The rest of world also believes this story.

Chrysalis has the ability to create items instantly made of a crystal like substance. Most commonly she encases herself in a crystal armor and arms herself with a crystal sword. She can create bonds out of crystals as well as ‘darts’ that have a variety of effects. She also has some healing abilities and is very resilient.

In 2007 Kai joined CPR and quickly rose in the ranks, first as a field investigator and then a team leader and now branch director. While there is always rumors of her fast climb being somehow tied to her relationship to the Director these are false. She was promoted on her own merits.

Mid 2009 Tim asked Kai to begin putting together a team for San Angelo as part of CPR’s Haven project. Finding a suitable building she spent an unknown amount on renovating and updating the site. She also researched the various heroes from CPR’s files and in 2010 she submitted the names to her father. A few weeks later letter of invite were sent to heroes that Kai and CPR felt would be a good fit for the city of San Angelo


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