The Hellion

Energy Blaster-fire based


His real name is Dave Gerkowski. Up until last year, he lived in Chicago (Rogers Park) where he shared an apartment with his younger brother, Dan Gerkowski.

From an early age, Dave realized he had an unusual gift in that spontaneous fires broke out when he became angry, especially shortly after his 14th birthday. He suffered from some anger issues as a youth, and went through a rough patch wherein he accidentally caused his family’s home to burn to the ground. His parents did not suspect he was a mutant, but nonetheless blamed him for playing with matches. Several years of ongoing therapy did help him deal with some of his anger issues, but did not help him learn how to truly control his metahuman abilities. As he became older and survived his teenage years, he learned how to slowly control his pyrotechnic abilities. He could actually lift himself into the air on heated air currents, he could spontaneously start or reduce fires, raise the temperature around him, etc. Also, he was extremely resistant to heat and flame.

After graduating college with a degree in journalism, he went to work for a newspaper in Evanston, IL. His brother moved in with him while attending Northwestern University.

The last couple of years living in Chicago, Dave Gerkowski started trying to use his abilities to protect his local neighborhood from a spike in crime rates. After seeing a report about metahumans, he opted to go the route of a costumed hero to protect his identity. For a time, he dealt with local gang members, including a serial arsonist, but he soon got caught up in the investigation of a strange rash of murders in Rogers Park. He fought and defeated a supernatural entity (created from the nightmares of several local children). Later, he fought and defeated the metahuman known as the Icicle, and actually helped her rehabilitation back into society. In the end, however, his brother (Dan) very nearly blew The Hellion’s secret identity. For the past few years, Dan has known his brother was “The Hellion,” but Dan has always had trouble keeping secrets, especially big ones. Dave lost his job for the newspaper and his landlord evicted the two brothers.

Thus, Dave and his brother moved in response to the letter they recently received for the Institute (as outlined in the letter you sent). Dave wants to continue to help the local community, but he realizes he is still a relative amateur, and needs some advice on guidance on how to do the whole superhero thing properly. Moving to the St. Louis vicinity offers the Gerkowski brothers a new start on life, a fresh start, and a chance to leave behind the baggage that had accumulating back in Chicago.

Dave Gerkowski is intelligent, but not brilliant by any means. He is not exceptional looking or unusually striking in any way. He has a wry sense of humor with overtones of sarcasm, but he is a good guy trying to do the right thing. Although his powers are flame-based, he does not attack to kill. He also is determined to help people out when he sees them in need. Because he is not immune to bullets and knives, he wears a special suit of pliable “armor” that adapts and reacts to incoming attacks. It disperses damage, protecting the wearer (although with big physical attacks, the kinetic force is spread out over a wider area, which can leave bruising). He also wears sunglasses after an unfortunate run-in with a metahuman who had Flash attack.

Dave’s brother, Dan, is a genius with computers and designing weird things. Dan actually designed the armor worn by the Hellion. On the downside, Dan Gerkowski is a bit naive, and has a habit of opening his mouth at the wrong time, or getting involved when he shouldn’t. His curiosity is his biggest weakness, which inevitably forces Dave to come in and rescue his younger sibling.

The Hellion

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