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  • Chrysalis

    Kahurangi (Kai) Saunders is the director of the San Angelo branch of the Center for Paranormal Research. She is also the hero known as Chrysalis. Chrysalis is the daughter of Temuera "Doc" Arahanga and Christine "Icicle" Sunders. The two meet, out of …

  • Gerkowski, Dan

    Brother to The Hellion, Dan is an expert computer programmer and hacker. He has been known to crack systems just for the fun of it. He can also take apart and rebuild any machine, improving it in the process.

  • Byte

    Byte is an avatar shard created by Mainframe to play video games with Blink. Byte's reaction times and knowledge set has been limited to that of a human to be a fair challenge to Blink. As new games are added Byte will learn them just as Blink does.

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