Center for Paranormal Research

The Center for Paranormal Research began in the mid 80’s with the resurgence of people with paranormal abilities. Originally founded in St. Louis the organization has expanded across the globe. There are now centers in Atlanta, New York, Forth Worth, Minneapolis, Seattle and San Angelo in the United States. The international offices include London, Cairo, Tokyo, Sidney, Cape Town, Brussels and Madrid.s

The goal of CPR is to help people come to term with their powers, how to control them and hopefully use them for the good of society. CPR studies how powers work and sometimes extrapolate this information into scientific breakthroughs that they patent. The individuals whose power the patent is based in receives a royalty and is listed as one of the patent owners.

CPR is not funded by any government. All funding comes from its patents or donations. It is not registered as a non-profit and is not publicly traded so its finances are not a matter of public record

The current director of CPR is Temuera Arahanga. It is not publicly known that he was a member of the St. Louis based superhero team, Nova Force, in the mid 90’s.

Center for Paranormal Research

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