House Rules

House rule #1: Tell a story, don’t worry about all the rules. Have fun.

House rule #2: Players don’t have to pay for their group base. If they would like a separate base of their own they must pay for it. A base is not an apartment. It would be an apartment with high tech defenses, a secret lab and items like that.

House rule #3: Players don’t have to pay for any ‘typical’ equipment that can be found in the store. Except this does not include weapons or defensive items. Typically more like radios, binoculars, etc.

House rule #4: There are consequences in this game. If you accidentely destroy a statue during a battle, no big deal. If you willfully destroy a statue because you are just in a bad mood you will be paying for it.

House rule #5: If you say something in character it is fair game for the GM to use in the game.

House rule #6: It is highly encouraged that players come up with organizations, villains, contacts outside of what is in their background. The GM will work with you to develop them further and incorporate into the game. (CPR itself started this way.)

House rule #7: If you cannot make the game session please let the GM know. The game will continue if the majority of the players can make it. If you continue to not show without contacting the GM it will be thought you are not able to play in the current game. If you don’t respond to emails regarding the game it will be thought you are not interested in playing.

House rule #8: Each player will submit a wish list of powers and abilities they want their character to develop over the course of game. This will be used by the GM in a number of way including building story arcs.

House rule #9: XP will be awarded to the characters after each session. It will be awarded to the players after each story arc. The reason for this is the GM may spend XP for you on items from your Wish List if it makes sense for the story and character development. A player may refuse the GM spent XP if they wish but would need a reason for it. Characters in the comcis don’t always get to determine what powers they get, either do you.

House rule #10: XP for missed session. You will not get XP unless your character is already in the scene. If you are in the scene but do not play you will get 1 XP for the use of the character in the scene.

House Rules

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