Orloff Building

The Orloff Building is a four story apartment building in the Old Cathedral district of San Angelo. Sitting empty for years the building was recently purchased by CPR as a base for the new superhero team Aegis. Having undergone extensive renovations and upgrades the building has a gothic charm on the outside and a modern interior.

The Orloff Building sits on a city block sized lot with a number of small outbuildings. It is believed that a complex of buildings was planned for the site but were never built. One of the buildings is a caretaker’s cottage.

It is rumored that a cemetery is somewhere on the grounds.

The building sat empty for years as it was thought to be haunted. During the renovations items would go missing and there were a number of unexplained accidents. Even now doors and windows seem to move on their own and things are moved from their original locations.

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Orloff Building

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